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Quail Flower Barn is in the heart of the agricultural hub of Encinitas. We are just north of the new Encinitas community garden. Our neighbors include, the San Diego Botanic Gardens, San Deguito Heritage Museum and Leichtag Foundation’s which is the Coastal Roots Farm.

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James and the Encinitas Bee Company had students at the EUSD's Farm Lab's talk about pollinators coming up with some very interesting questions. The honey bee is just one of the pollinators that help keep food on our tables.

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Cheryl Konn of the Quail Flower Barn and James McDonald of Encinitas Bee Company are still going strong in providing raw, local, and unfiltered HONEY to our new and loyal customers.

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Gathering-At-The Table

We here at the Quail Flower Barn are moving forward with informal dialogue on how to move "The Quail Gardens Dr. Corridor Community" forward with social purpose. Our first gathering was Feb. 15th at 4 pm and will be gathering again on March 1st at 4 pm. We are having...

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New arrival

Posted to Encinitas Moonlight Bicycle Ride Facebook Page We now have a Bicycle Kitchen. Don’t know what a Bicycle Kitchen is? Google it. The Quail Bicycle Kitchen is a place to come and work on your bike. A bike shop we are not. Repairing bikes or selling new bikes is...

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Pit Stop

Quail Gardens Dr. is a natural for getting out for a bike ride. We here at 501 is in the heart of Encinitas' agricultural district. We are starting a "Bicycle Kitchen". What is a bicycle Kitchen you say? Google it. We will be a funky version of what is going on in...

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· December 6, 2014

A hidden treasure ! Very loving and friendly people ! A great place to sit , have cafe and embrace the Christmas love ! If Santa had a barn this would be it !!!!! Xxo
Viva La Paz

Huge selection. We were brought here by advertising. Here’s our story in a short and simple way. We weren’t satisfied at all at first but today they resolved our headache.

Allyssa K

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